How can you measure success?  What is success? Have you used some visualization exercises before?

For long time ago, I saw success for something I didn’t care about. Thats because I was kind of satisfied with my life. Later on, when I started to work with my self I found out that I was lying to myself. Its somehow ok, because the majority of people does it. stick to the end and I will give you some exercises on that. The reason to my own lies was very obvious when I could watch over my life in a objective matter. I was lazy.

My laziness led me to satisfaction and i was inbound in a big lie. I started to demolish that lie when i was looking around me and see how people around me had nice cars, nice house, furniture. But at that point I didn’t could understand why i felt jealous and definitely could not understand why i didn’t have such of materialistic things in my life.

Even when it comes to working. I preferred to be at home and play video games. I didn’t understand why people was dedicated to work 9-5 and I justify my behavior by think of all workers as stupid.  Of course I had some few dreams, but they were definitely not realistic onces. For example.. How many off you haven’t dream about to win big on lottery? I was like an expert on that. I could spend a lot of time just to have fantasies about what I do with all the money. Even on those big pride dreams I treat money with lack of respect.

Do you recognize some of those scenarios? Good. Then you are on the right page.

Lets say that I was very wrong about how I approach my life. But still, I had all necessary tools with me. They were just misplaced and I put my energy on wrong thing.

Never be satisfied.

The first thing I had to change was that I was satisfied with my life. If you read at the attached picture to this post. Well, I was the “Look at Oprah” guy and in the same time I dreamt big about some miracle. Here you have the first true about life. Miracles does not work that way. Of course you can use faith and believe, but please be realistic. Try to see the goal with clear eyes.

Yes, You can have dreams. Actually having dreams is one of life’s fun part. And if you want to have more fun about dreams, set up a way to get those dreams. Look around you and you will see people fulfill their dreams all the time. One good way to do that is with visualization exercises. You can read more here about how to change your dreams to reality.

If you judging people, You will never be free

The second thing I was totally wrong about if you ask me, was jealousy. In that way that wash´t healthy for me. I was comparing myself to others. This is a game I will never gonna win, so why bother to compare? It takes a lot of energy to be jealous and it creates very negative emotions like hate, anxiety and sorrow.

To find out if you are a jealous person can be painful. But if you don’t ask yourself that, you maybe don’t get the answer and as a result, you maybe continue to walk around and be bitter over your own life. So my conclusion about that is as follow: Start to compare with others and focus on your own goals and visions. Ask yourself questions like: What do I want to have in my life in 1, 3, 5 10 years. And as important as the first question, ask yourself How I will get that I want. Write it down! Don’t let it just be some thoughts you probably will forget after watching your favorite serie or movie.

Visualization exercises

Now we have reach the fun part. the creation part. After you have find out what you want and how you can possibly get it, (observe that the part about how doesn’t have to be solid, it will become more clear as time goes and you working towards your goals), its time to trick our brain a little. I could say that this part is the key to success, but I know its a combined effort of everything I have mentioned, together with big faith in the process.

The visualization exercises on this page are designed to help you speed up things. get them and do them regular. Think it like this. Instead of look on a episode of The family guy, you can spend that time to develop your self. I am not asking you to go the gym or something grueling 😉


Is in other hands, a very very like a key to success! Without discipline, as we say in swedish, you can pack the bag and say bye. If you don’t have it, maybe you have to put up some rules to your self? About this matter all I can say to you is that its in your hands. One way to get it is to watch motivational youtube clips, or learn to understand how to success. Other ways could be that you do this together with your partner or with some friend. Its up to you how you want to do it, as long as you are doing it.  You can bookmarks this page if you want me to be the whip, by reading my blogposts. Very soon I will put up a mail subscription, could that be something for you?


Make the change.