Stress is natural.

Everyone feels stress sometimes in certain situations. It’s a normal state of mind, but who actually wants it?

There are also health issues connected to stress but I guess that you already know all those stuff like Internal / external stress, the health issues and that its definitely not good for you.

But first thing first. You have to understand if its stress or something else. So I highly recommend this online stress test so you can find out for sure .

Stress is emotions.

Let me give you my approach of this whole thing called stress and I will also tell you what I did to almost eliminate it. In the past I was so stressful and that affected many areas of my life.

Can you grab the fact that stress is an emotion? If you can not identify that, can you identify that stress is created by emotions? Good.

If you have read my other blog posts then you may be familiar when I talked about the time that we were hunters and only had a wooden stake to get food and to protect us with?

I’m talking about the Stone age.  Our body was programmed to fight or flight if there was great danger.

It created a stressful situation and the next thing was a sympathetic nervous system activation, action.

Life situations can be stressful.

Nowadays we have so many tricks to avoid the pressure that comes with stress.

We have TV and our beloved smartphones that we can escape through.

Even people that have panic attacks don’t let the attacks bloom out through them. I had a lot of panic attacks before and I was really afraid of them so I did what I could to damp .

Until I learned about them and let them rush.

Of course there is always a scale.

Somebody reading this will say something like: hey, my attacks are bigger than yours.

To that I can say one thing.

Its not about who have the bigger attacks, its about where you put your own level of bottom (or horror as in this case).

What I mean with that is:

Everyone here on this planet should be able to say when its enough. Like in my previous destructive life with alcoholism and drugs I choose that I was on the bottom.

Of course there was people around me in more deep shit and even people in less complex situation but I hope that they can define their own bottom.

Because its when you have hit your bottom, that you can start to climb up .

Abstracted minds is often stressed minds.

I remember one task I did in school when I was a kid.

Our teacher asked us to write down the word BEACH and around it write what we were thinking about around that word.

Let me show you two examples and you can guess which was in my brain.

Beach-> sand-> hot-> summer-> swim-> ice cream-> sun


Beach-> sun-> solar system-> Superman -> Comic book -> Donald duck -> TV -> movies -> What movie I want to see?

The second one is so me.

Which one can you refer to? And those thoughts are fast!

In seconds I could experience so much emotions created during my thoughts.

Nowadays I’m using this “technique” when I need to be creative.  I just let it go and it has never disappoint me.

1 – Take control of your thoughts.

One way to learn to handle the stress is to understand how you are thinking. This is not made over night.

It’s a process like many other things in our life. Get aware of your own thoughts. Reflect over them. Are they yours or are you thinking for others? Are the thoughts constructive or are you sending yourself negative signals?

If you are really aware of your thoughts, you will learn something about yourself, that I can promise!

Make your thoughts conscious and that will lead you to become more calm. If you are calm, then you will handle stress better .

2 – Understand that your mind can´t understand the concept of time.

For your brain its only the present. You can think “tomorrow” and your brain will focus on tomorrow and analyze things about tomorrow.

You maybe get a question in your thought about the weather? If you have some appointments?   This is happening because you give a direction, “tomorrow”.

3 – Create a visual timeline.

This method has been one of my best experiences ever when it comes to handle my thoughts and to eliminate internal stress.

Let’s do a test!

When you wake up tomorrow, I guess that you will think of the task for this day.

Some tasks may stress you more than others. Try to put them in a visual timeline.

Visualize them on a long axis as the image here. Try to do it as often you remember it and you can thank me later 😉

timeline-handle-stress-The meditation experts

And I have a bonus one for you!


If you have not done it before give it a try.