The resources you will find on this section are tied with affiliate programs. If you purchase something from the links below you are contributing to this page development and existence. If you are open minded, you will find those products amazing. They work if you work them. Don’t think for a minute that at some point in your life heaven will open up and drain you in wealth. Life is not a fairytale. Deep inside you may also know that hard work pays itself at the end. You can also choose to become an affiliate with The meditation experts.

This resources can and will change your life.

You have to do a lot of work and the view is much better from the top after climbing up all stairs. The responsibility for your own wealth is in your hands. I can just show you the tools you may be interested in. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

All of the following books are more or less for us like the bible is for christian people. To be a part of this is a lifestyle, a way to approach things around us. It’s a wonderful feeling to have control over your own life.

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The Law of Attraction:

The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham


The Secret

Rhonda Byrne



The Secret behind the Law of Attraction


Think and Grow Rich:

The Landmark Bestseller


Success Through

A Positive Mental Attitude


How Successful People Think:

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life


The 5 Love Languages:

The Secret to Love that Lasts


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Sharon L. Lechter