Everyone seems to be hype about the term “passive income” and a lot of people are looking for ways to get it.

And to be frank with you Its a very nice freedom.

But how does it really work?

I will share my experiences with you and I may step on someones toe with this. Im ok with that.

I will not name any business, I will only try to make you aware of it. This post can be huge and I actually don’t know were to start, But I have to start somewhere, so I start with the definition of it.

I google it and come over this:
“Earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not materially involved. “
That sims legit. As you can see its returns from an investing.

I have invested myself and the most common have been the stock market.

With both success and great failure.

I have think about real estate as a passive income source but never got a nice and clean opportunity.

The thought is active and someday when the time is right I will own some estate.

The keyword here is patience.

The world goes around by investments and you probably already know that.

Online passive income.

This part is really tricky though.

I will give you some of my own background and how i approach this blog so you will get my great picture.

I have to do it so you understand this concept.

First thing I am not economical depended of selling my guided visualization sessions.

I have different incomes I worked up in the past years.

When I started this site I already had some Web-shops running and I also was active in my production company in Sweden.

Many of my friends that knows my past have always told me to write a book about my life.

And I was actually on my way.

One amazing thing with life is that opportunities seems coming to you if you know how to attract them and therefore I changed focus.

I still kept this site alive but I didn’t write so much.

I did´t had the time at that moment. For about one year ago I got more freedom so I told to myself. Lets do this!

I made some changes on this site.

This site was in Swedish before. To change it to english was more suitable for one of my big dreams. to become better in english. ( Hey, still learning so sorry for my _not_ so perfect english, but i hope you can understand me. )

Another personal approach i had with this is to share my experiences and my inner thoughts.

I know I have interesting aspects about life so why not share them.

I have practice both B2B and B2C with my knowledge over the years.

Pyramid / Ponzi scheme.

But what about the passive income part?

Ok. First I want you to get something deep in your emotions.

There are not any easy “passive income”.

Most of them requires hard work. or else its probably a scam or a ponzi / pyramid scheme and you are feeding the chain.

I will not say that they don’t work. They do!

But it could be risky.

Some companies hiding the scheme by letting you sell some products or by letting you surf on some webpages.

One I tried for 13 years ago was “12 Daily Pro”.

It looks good until their payment gateway got “freeze” by the government. And I have seen similar process for the last 13 years.

I could recommend you for some that seems less risky, but this is not a fishing post.

And I would not feel good about pull you into something that can “break” as a passive income.

Marketing strategies.

I could say that all sites you are running into that promise you gold and a better life without you doing nothing or just 5 minutes a day are actually not worth it.

They are just marketing strategies to get you give them your email.

You will get a video to watch and someone is promising gold and big money.

On some point you have to pay a fee but thats ok because you will get double up in certain amount of time etc etc.

Now its trending to let companies take over your Facebook or other social media and post ads. From my perspective that is violating your privacy.

I want you to open your eyes. Look at things for what they are. You know the term ” If it seems to good to be true, then its probably not true”.

And all those fancy ferraris or Lamborghini´s and the house with tennis courts.

Well. you will not get one by looking on some youtube movies and click on 10 pages a day thats for sure.

You have to create a greater strategy or a solid goal to come close them. And the most important thing, You have to do the work. You have to take action.

Save your time and do something that counts instead. Educate your self, create networks and find a purpose with your life.

Get a solid lifestyle and be honest all the way.

I have some good books you can start with under my Resources page.

Desperation and the hunting for easy money.

Most of the people are looking to make fast money ” #getrich ” but are to lazy to do the work.

There are some lucky ones that wins on lottery but what is the odds on that?

I have a friend that plays on horses a lot. And he wins. Its not luck. He knows almost everything about all horses that are compete. What they eat, how much they train and info about the Jockeys etc.

He have spend years with learning. And now he is pro.

Likewise with a good and proffesional poker player.

It may seem like a glamorous work and big money.

But even there a lot of efforts, motivation, visualization about the big games and psychology.

Take the worlds best athletes. They have practice all their lives to become number 1.

Do you know what they have in common?

Before they go into the game they are visualize their way to the winning point.

So give me one reason that you will success by put “5 minutes” of your day.

Common, be realistic and true to yourself.

Create a master plan = Faith.

I have 3 master plans ongoing as we speak with milestones and two of them included passive income.

The key to pushing them?

I am never satisfied.

If I reach a goal I am looking for what I am missing in my life and how I get it.

I also never compare myself with others.

Doing that is like blow out the candle in your motivation.

You have to find the true purpose inside you and give 100%.

Sometimes its enough to give 20% – 50 % because life is designed that way.

Its not a failure to hit the break sometimes. But its a failure to not try and to find out what you are capable with.

Aim high! Very high!

You don’t have to be realistic in the process of creating your goals.

You just have to be realistic when you are design the way  / milestones to the goal.

Don’t put all your efforts in the same basket, its to risky.

Without a master plan or goal = Lost.

All this conceptual thoughts as known recently as ” the secret” or “Law of attraction” have always been known to mankind.

Its a universal truth.

Rhonda did a great work and just made a nice package of it.

She really inspired millions to go out and seek for what they wanted. She gave hope and the ability to believe in the process.

Many passive income sites just got created.

When i read the book i found out I had practicing “the secret” for over 15 years.

Its about motivating yourself and to believe in the process of you geting what you want.

Everyone can do this with the right tools.

My blog is about to help you to get started. To get you motivated by giving you my approach.

Sometimes its very deep and I am aware of that. If you can understand and connect to my deep thoughts then the insight you will get will be deeper.