Here I am again. Sitting in my balcony drinking my coffee. The sun is shining and the palms are lovely. Its the last day of this year and to sum up, it feels good. This year have been turbulent in many aspects. A new country´s cultural chock to take in, new possibilities, new personal developments and that leads us to the classical new year resolution.

New year resolution

If you are like me, and i guess you are in many aspects of our lives, then you are familiar with make those promises every year. Some of them you are speaking out loud and some you are keeping close to your heart as a secret. And I would say that most of them are fading away like a memory during first quarter of the year. What come up instead are excuses and some whitewash.

Thats life. almost everything we do is circles, loops. And if we are not lift those circles to our awareness, time flies by and someday we are waking up and realize that we have miss something valuable, time. That awakening can sometimes be filled with anxiety. Don worry, its more common that you think. You see, people are hiding such things inside them as a emotional burden. Its actually nothing dangerous, but it takes a lot of energy and to much focus from what we should like to do with our lives.

Break the loop.

For me, it would be very easy to just say to you: “Make things different”. I have study myself and other people so I am aware of personal development process. So even if I scream it to you face or present it for you in several different ways, it would not make any sense, until you can make the necessary connections within your thoughts and connect your emotions to it. Its about insight.  And it works like this:
1. Thoughts -> 2. emotional reaction -> 3. insights ->4. Action. 

There you have it! Just work it backwards. As I write yesterday about goal setting, it is just to follow a pattern. Start at the end, work backwards and the most critical needed action = start. Nobody will do it for you.

I could go very deep now and start to write about how everything is connected on a vibration / pulsation level, but I keep it to later. I will give you that insight in the future. (Its more like a abstract approach to what is life.) So I will focus on the presence. The moment you have now and specially when it comes to the new year resolution you probably will give yourself.

Life overall is a loop and everything between there is small loops. to make it more concrete, take a day. I guess you have daily routines. There you have some very obvious loops. The key to success is how to make things different from previous loops. How to break the loops and to develop your self. And to do that, you just have to take some action, by getting some insights, that comes from a emotional reaction within you created by a thought. As i just mentioned in those 4 steps 2 paragraphs above. Do you get it now? Isn’t it brilliant? Its very easy to understand when you are getting the concept of its design.

Change your thoughts.

Create. visualize, be alone, walk and think, meditate, take a bath, spend time alone, visit new place alone, eat alone, be with your self, think, spend time with your pet.

Those are some of many perfect situations there you can think about what you want to achieve. I know that this maybe sound like basic knowing, but look around you were the world is going. We are to busy with our smartphones, so we are escaping our own reality by look into other peoples reality. We don’t dream about our own world anymore, instead we are dreaming about other peoples worlds. and to be frank. What are you posting on social media? Of course most the good parts. the delicious food you are eating, The awesome place you are visiting, the moment when you are with others just to show the world that you are not alone.

Are you afraid to be alone?

This state of mind can be an illusion. And we are all different about how to approach it. So i will not tell you what is wrong or right. I will just tell you to spend some time alone, because you maybe need it. Its those moments the best ideas or developing thoughts are just popping up. And when they do, be ready and take your insights to the next step.


Whatever it may be you want to have in your life, or you want to change. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen! Im often say this, and the reason is very clear and obvious. People are lazy.  On almost every lecture i have. Even if its to teenagers or to corporations I am spending a lot of time around this subject.  Because people can have done a lot of thinking. come up with great ideas, are 100% motivated, but the are failing on this final step. To take this necesary step. You can buy my visualization tracks and they will boost your motivation,  but stil you have to make the work. I am jut here to help you get starting.

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