In my youth I was a restless soul.  Anxious and obstinate. Well, it may sound like every teenager, but there was more. A lot more. I will tell you how and why i uses mindset affirmations to come out from the darkness I was surrounded off.

It took me until I was 25, when i got a grip about my internal battle. It was then i started to changing the way my thought was processed. And actually at that point i didn’t know who’s battle it was, because i´ve learned to adapt to so many situations. For the best outcome for me of course. I was a manipulative liar and I was thinking that the universe was floating around me, that i was the center point.

With lack of trust for adults since youth, mix that with the desire to escape from yourself in any ways possible. There you had me. a frightened boy who was seeking. Whole my life until i was 25 was a transportation route seeking for confirmations. I found that in drugs and it helped me a lot. It gave me some relief from my emotions and I am sure that is actually the main reason people taking drugs in any kind. When i say any kind of drugs, I count in different addictions to it. Like food, sex, computer games etc.

The seeking for a state of mind.

We are all the same, more and less. We have our primary needs, beyond that we have other needs. In that part, we can be very unique to each other. What i want here in life, maybe doesn’t suits you.  But there is one specific thing I wanted from the very first day i met one of my psychologist 15 years ago. He had calm in his eyes, a relaxed body language and his mind seems to be in peace. In my opinion a very beautiful mindset.

I remember how i was thinking for myself that I wanted to become like him. So i started to observed him. How he talked, how he moved and how he used his eyes. Because one thing that we humans are good at, even if we will never disclose it, is that we are good on imitate each other. You can see it in every classroom, or even in every workplace.  I asked him how he can be  so calm in himself and he told me in his special humble way: -Why not?

That answer trigged my emotions. I got angry but at the same time i started to think. I ask my self if it is so easy. Just to change some attitude within my brain? At that point, I wash´t ready for it because i had to do some work with connecting my mindset with my emotions. But i had a picture of my terapeft in my mind and how he just acting calm.

During my therapy i discovered sides of me that I appreciated. I found out that I wasn’t a scumbag or an idiot and that I was quite descent. I did a lot of mindset affirmations exercises. Im covering one of the ways i used to get a positive mindset by affirmations here.  Over time I could even say that i started to love my self.

The change took place.

I was discovering more emotions every day. For me it was a big deal, because in whole my life i had try to escape them by don’t live in the present or to be affected by any kind of chemical substances. Suddenly i got a very big confirmation that I was on the right track…

At that point I was an self titled expert off having a lot of thoughts in my head. most of them was about the future or the past. Those about the future was most thought that was very destructive tom my health. It was thought containing the words “What if” and “something happens”.  Can you imagine the following scenario: I was creating a worried emotional chaos in the present, by thinking about a future that i assumed to happen. That is a very disoriented state of mind. Of course its also a false signal to myself. It creates a very big concern.

What happened to me, by giving myself love and also positive thought, was that i started to think more about the present . I also realized probably my biggest lesson ever. I can not in any way predict what, if, in any case, something will happen. Although I can only experience what is happening here and now.

Peace of mind.

When i got that experience to sink down deep to an emotional level I had suddenly piece of mind, serenity in my thoughts. From that point in my life everything got a lot easier. I could focus on me, right here and right now.  I started to understand the connection between real happiness and to live in the present. And everything took place inside me. I did it by repeatedly positive thinking exercises. I was taking control of my life.

Now I can clearly see how everything is connected. When you can see it, life become easy. And when you can grip the concept of guided visualization, then you will be in full control of what people calling for destiny.