Is meaning of life something important?

This is a big question, definitely and there is actually not just one fitting answer for all of us.

But still there are some things we all want more or less. We all have needs to fulfill and things that we want to do even if we seem to be lost in a certain point in our life.

When we were young our meaning of life was of course different if we compare to when we get older.

Its not that we are changing, its just that we have collect more life experience and self-knowledge.

As children we were maybe more impulsive and due to our parents we already start to form our self.

In my case I had a very rough childhood and that shaped me in a certain way.

I had problems emotionally and socially. It wasn’t until I completed my treatment, that I was ready to find the meaning of life.

Many may think that the meaning of life is something big, but it’s actually a very small thing. It’s more about finding it rather than to create it.

The main task for the biological aspect is to reproduce. That part is nothing that we actively think about, it just happens naturally. We fall in love.

Listen to your inner voice.

If we would make a study and ask 1000 people what they think the meaning of life is they would answer mostly different things that originates from their perspective.

What they think matters. And that is totally correct!

To find the meaning of life, you have to ask yourself.

You might not have the answer right now but at least you now have the question going around in your head.

Catch up what you like. It may be a place that you want to visit? You may be service minded and find a purpose to help others?

What’s important is that when you find the meaning of life, don’t give up!

There will be days that you just want to do something totally different because you are so tired or may be lost.

If that is the case, then take a deep breath and return.

Embrace your thoughts.

Many things here in life we can apply a blueprint for.

But this, is something that have to come from within.

My meaning of life is to keep on and developing myself with knowledge and by experiences.

I read a lot of books and I like to do many different things.

Sometimes I can be compared to a restless soul. I can take one day off, and not do anything, but that day seems wasted for me.
My meaning of life is even nuanced. At the same time I want to develop myself.

I want to enlighten others with my discoveries.

I may be more of a philosopher because I like to tweak different existential truths and apply them to my own life.

From my perspective life is an adventure and its up to me by using responsibility how the ride will continue.
I am very honest to myself because I have found out that being honest to myself makes my life a whole lot easier and less complicated.
Honesty is a very powerful tool if you want to find the meaning of life.

You have to be true to yourself and listen to your inner demands / wishes.

This is also connected with a deep commitment that may be there between you and your parents. So what you have to ask yourself is also:

Is this what you want or is this what your parents wants? Don’t make up your life for somebody else! Not even in a relationship.

Because you have a partner, that its not a reason to merge. If you do merge one of you will probably become unhappy in a certain point of your life.

Take action.

After this process when you are starting to get an idea of what you want to do or achieve it’s time to actually do it.

If you are not fulfilling your inner thoughts by actions then you will never be able to practice the meaning of life.

It’s in your hands to take action and responsibility. No one else can do it for you.

Its now up to you to make your life into an adventure.