Here we are again. Another year just passed by.

Another promises to our selfs.

Eventually new life goal.

We are not getting younger just wiser. Isn’t life wonderful?

Lets stick to the life goal subject.

I like the concept of a new year.

It kind of gives me a boost and help me to clean up some of my previous stuff I am up to.

And believe me I have a lot of projects up and running spread around the world for different audiences.

Some people would call me workaholic but i can not agree on that. Because I’m not working.

I just spend time doing what i love.

Of course my passion to things have changed through the years and that its the beauty of life.


Many people are afraid for changes and the possible outcome ( or lack of it) but not me.

I can lose control for a while when I am in the middle of a change but i have a strong faith in the process. Knowing I would´t like to have a 9-5 work.

So many years ago I reflected about my situation. And I come up with one of my goals to not have a 9-5 work.

I found a way or rather say a lifestyle that not push me to be somewhere on a specific time everyday.

That is freedom for me.

Of course I have to eat, so i started to develop my mobility.

Need to take some action.

I was very clear in my mindset about how i want to live. I had a clear life goal.

So i worked it backward and i came to the conclusion that i need to educate myself.

I was already a recognized video maker, photographer and also a good speaker but I needed to be mobile. The action that was suited for my goal was education.

I learned about online marketing, strategies, web solutions etc and here I am now.

I am not on the top of the stairs, but i have many steps beneath me.

All this because I had one single idea in my head!

I wanted to wake up and see palms!

Life is amazing.

Another awesome thing is that I never have to set my alarm to work anymore.

I wake up whenever i want.

I could actually go to bed now and sleep but i want to finish this post first.

I don’t have to. I want to. That is a huge difference.

Now you may think, “Yeah right. that I am actually doing this so i can convince you to buy my 4 guided visualization sessions.”

Let me put it this way: Fear.

If you don’t trust in the process you are afraid. If you are afraid then you are prepared for a conflict.

You don’t want conflicts therefore you are passive.

As long you are passive nothing will change.

That leads you to what you want to feel. Secure and safety.

And you will stil be in your own loop.

I wrote about loops yesterday ( opens in new window ).

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

I understand that all of us have different approach to life. But if you are reading this you are one of two kind of people.
1. You are yourself practicing this concept and you are hungry for input and inspiration. You are free to contact me for some creative chat or we can inspire each others.

2. You want to change your life somehow and seeking. Maybe desperately for a way to make a change. All your other attempts may have been failure.

Here is the secret formula then.

Be more brave than your fears. Don’t deny your fears. Just let your courage be greater than your fears. There is actually a connection between fear and trust. They are opposite to each other, I think I will spend a post about that subject later. And that is some deep things and very interesting and full of insights.

I wish I could just raise a magic wand and fill you with the motivation and knowledge I have about how to get a life goal but i can not.

Therefore I am happy you take the time to read all of this. I want you to trust me. The same way I trusted the people that gave me this knowledge and the tools so i could find out by myself.

I can only keep what I get by give it away and it will actually come back to me.

Don’t be lazy.

If you are lazy then we have a problem. The way to get what you want is not through your bed or in front of the TV. It requires work from you.

The basics.

The big question.

I know what this question is and I can guess where it come from. Are you ready for the truth?

The question itself is: ” But I don’t know what to do / focus on?”

Remember when you were a child? How you could play police officer, fireman, cowboy, salesman etc?

You pretended to be someone.

You took a role and filled it with joy. You were the master of the universe.

Such fantasy, creativity.

Follow up question: Do you really think that by looking on your Facebook timeline, by focus on others, that you will find out what you want to do? Maybe some inspiration but to find out what you want to do you have to ask yourself that question.

See the child in you.

Spend time with your own ego, your own mind.

Don’t push it, just think.

Think of the youth version of you.

Because I know that you have in some point in your life a thought that maybe last for a second until you pushed it away.

You have to find those thoughts and think around them. I don’t think you saw them as a life goal then, so you have to probably seek deep.

You may know what you want to be or do but you maybe don’t believe in your self.

You are afraid for the change it may require.  If you think its so I can consult you to get through that phase and continue with your dreams. Just send me a mail.

A deeper approach about fears and how to challenge them:


The infographic about life goal.

I took this morning and made this infographic from a template i had on my computer.

I hope it will give you some clarity about where you are in your own process.

Feel free to share it or give it to your friends. The How-to-reach-your-goals infographic. ( opens in new window)

And if you want to see me trying to speak english ( All of this started as an attempt for me to get better on english), then you can watch my Youtube channel( opens in new window).

And to sum todays post. I want to wish you a wonderful and great 2017! Let some dreams kick in!