Law of Attraction guidance step by step.

Would you like to wake up every morning without the noise from your alarm? You wake up and handling your morning routines in your own pace? Not have to rush somewhere. Of course if you don’t have any scheduled meetings for the day. And even if you had you could schedule them later on the day.

I can tell you it is an amazing freedom. I wake up when my body wants to wake up. Every morning I make a coffee and I’m sitting outside my apartment in Thailand with my laptop and checking my mails and all my social media.

My limits of what is work and what is fun have faded out the last years.

When I’m sitting with my laptop and being active on social media is actually my work. I have chosen that path to be free. I only need a laptop and internet to make money.

How did I end up on this situation?

By thinking of what I want and make some plans about how to get it. Structured a way to my goals and although the way to the goals haven’t always been straight but I know at the end the view is nicer from the top.

You may have heard of this universal power. The Law of Attraction.

And it is universal for sure. When you start to understand how it works and more important how you can apply it into your life you will be able to live life on your own terms. Whatever your dreams are. Money, love, work, freedom.

I was headhunted for a design work a month ago. The salary was pretty high and the people working there were awesome! But there was only one thing I could not fix. I had to be in an office 9 am – 5 pm. I give it one honest try for one day and it was enough.

For me, my freedom is important. Do you know what is important for you?

If you know, that’s a very good start, because we are all products of our thoughts. You become what you eat. If you are negative you will attract disappointments. So let’s step into it.

Step 1 –

Prepare your mindset.


On this first step you have to be very clear with one thing. If you understand this, you will make it. If you don’t understand this, then you will fail.

The “attraction” part.

You have to choose how you focus on things. If things are miserable around you and you choose to add negative vibes on that then you will only attract bad things already from the start.

Are you not happy with how much money you have? Do you start to think “I will have soon” or “I want more”?

Those are actually bad thoughts.

When you say “soon” you are moving something in front of you, to the future. And when you say “I want”, you put such misery and longing into it. Little self-pity warning on that.

Accept things as they are and be determined that you are making things better here and now.

Live now. This is a tricky one.  I have a deeper explanation on this in my blog if you don’t really understand it. Basically its about to feel now and act now.

I have a mantra am living after: If I do good things now at this present moment, the outcome will be good afterwards”.  Now I don’t even have to think about it because its part of my personality.

All of us have 3 different states of conscious. Listen to your sub- and unconscious states. They are maybe telling you different things? Learn to align them.

Your conscious state (the one that is most obvious in you) can be aligned with your thought, for example “Fake it till you make it”. Then your subconscious can give some subtle signals by saying to yourself: yeah right, Santa Claus will also appear with some elf´s dancing on his shoulder.

If you notice such imbalance that’s very good, because then you know what you have to work with. You have to be honest to your self here.

Listen carefully.

The better you know about what signals you sending then more and faster you will start to attract.

I have come up with a quote that sums it up pretty good.
“Whether you think of your glass as half full or half empty, it´s your responsibility to fill it.”

If you want to go deeper on this, I have a blogpost about how to change your mindset. (Opens in a new window.)

One thing to consider is your Emotional wellness. Its a very big section and you need to know where you stand on this.

Step 2 –

Law of attraction as a lifestyle.


After when you have sync your mindset and you can focus your energy you have to find what you will focus on. A new car? Money? New house? Partner? The possibilities are endless.

Take some time and ask yourself. On this stage don’t let your inner feelings and emotions prevent you. Don’t let your subconscious questioning if it can be done or not. This step should not be affected of how big or small values things have. If you want a Porsche, you want a Porsche.

If you want money, state how much. But be prepare that it will be more demanding from you.

When I was practicing this step I try it with some small things first.

Before I was always worry to find parking space. So I applied the Law of Attraction into that. After some time, I don’t even think. I just drive to my destination and there it was, a free parking lot. Once a friend reacted on that and say out loud: I can not understand how lucky you are with your parking.

If you want to read more examples, read “my way with The Power Of Attraction ” on my homepage.

At that point it become very clear to me.  How I applied the Law of Attraction on this? Easy. Before I left my apartment I close my eyes and play a movie into my head of me parking the car and connected my emotions into it and add some grateful touch on top.

To practice the Law of Attraction is actually very straight forward and easy to do. The problems and obstacles is the ways people think and feel.  A positive approach to life is to prefer.

Step 3 –

The deliberate call to the universe


So far our mindsets can focus on the same goal and we also have a goal so let’s get into the fun part. To take action and be in the “act as if” state of mind.

This part can drive you crazy if you haven’t done step 1 & 2 correct. Nothing will happen if you just jump straight into this part without step 1 & 2 aligned and elaborated.  The Law of Attraction is a step program and the steps are in a specific order so you have to follow that. From step 1 to step 4.

This step is a practical step and I guess you have seen the words “take action” online before.  So what are the meaning of Take action then?  Ok let’s connect the dots here.

Let’s pick a subject. A car. And I will help you out what to do.

-Testdrive the car. Find a dealer and ask to drive it. When you are driving it put your emotions as if the car is already yours. Touch it, feel how it feels, smell it. Connect all your senses into this and remember those emotions.

-Speak about the car with your friends and family. How it felt to drive it. What you like about the car. Tell them how it smells, how the acceleration was.

Every time you are talking about your thought, you are also confirming to yourself, so confirm the positive things.

Don’t mention that one day you will have it. (remember step 1 and the negative time aspect?)
But choose your words. The “act as if” and “fake it till you make it part” can land wrong if you using it around other people.

-Think about the car. This is huge. Think of you driving it and feel the positive emotions from the time you actually drive the car.  Put a lot of thinking of you drive it.

-Print out some pictures of the car and put in different places at your home or work. So you constantly get reminded.

-Use affirmations.  Here are some you can use. Use them in present tense.

“I like to drive my car”

“My car is beautiful”

“My dream car is already mine”

“I’m grateful for my car”

Take a college block and everyday fill a page this sentences. About 20-30.

“I have the xxx<-car model outside my home”. This is part of the act as if and fake it till you make it.  Do it everyday if you can.

-Feel grateful that “my way with The Power Of Attraction ” is working on to delivering your car.

-Act emotionally as you already have the car. This will motivate you.

-Use guided visualizations. I have developed 4 sessions that will boost your attraction. Here you have one of my sessions about visualizing your dream car.

I highly recommend to do this session often. You will understand how it boost your attraction:



Step 4 –

Continue practicing the law of attraction in different aspect in your life.


At this point you maybe have a greater understanding about the power of attraction. Give it some time and you can easily replace your goals.

I hope that my post has straighten out some questions you may have and if there is something you wondering about I will gladly help you out.

You will find me on the Facebook group “The Meditation Experts.”

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