My name is Thomas.

I started practicing The secret with guided visualization as a tool around 2003.

Thomas-The meditation experts

This is my story.

I grew up in dysfunctional relationships which resulted in that I became an alcoholic in my teens. My alcoholism began as a thought-rate obsession and I lived in the future by planning the next opportunity to drink. Or I lived in the memories from the last time I drank. This dependence behavior existed because I did not want to be present in the moment, the present was painful. My self esteem was extremely low.

As I entered adulthood I lived in addiction and moreover the whole lifestyle that comes with it! Basically, I was searching for security and confirmation and I had found it in drugs. I found a spirituality when I was under the influence. It was a spirituality with only one purpose, to slowly but surely, make sure I become soulless.

12-step treatment.

The lifestyle I had  led to homelessness and it also cut me off from society. My values were unhealthy and I got in trouble with the authorities and the outcome became 16 months in prison.

If I look back in my life, the time in prison was the thing I needed the most then.  It gave me an opportunity to apply for a treatment.

The Institution conducted a 12-step treatment and I was initially quite hostile to it but soon after, when I saw signs that the treatment actually worked, I adopted it.

For those who do not know what it is about, here’s a quick recap…

Realize that something is wrong in your life.

Understand that it’s possible to do something about it.

Do something about it.

Live like a new and better person.

I was in treatment for 18 months. I applied voluntarily, to a treatment center in Kronoberg, Sweden. A part of the treatment was based on meditation and that was where I also got in touch with Guided Visualization techniques.

The Art Of Meditation

Guided visualization.

I began to applying visualization in my life. The first real life target visualization I worked with, was security and it came to me quite quickly. It was a combination of therapy, where I found out who I am and that I also sent words of value to myself, like “You deserve to have a good life.”

The treatment was beyond my expectations! I was ready for the next step, to find something meaningful to occupy myself with. I wanted to make use of my past music creativity, so I enrolled at a college.

After a few months I went into video production and I’m still doing that. Today, 17 years later, my main source of income is video productions worldwide and homepage design.

At one point, I was sitting in the schools dining room with one of my teachers. She had a lot of booklets next to her, about a 3D education course. I can still remember her confident words: -”Why don’t you apply for that?”

I was filled with the fear that I know came from performance anxiety. It seem to be so great, so much to learn and master.

During my treatment I had learned that when such a feeling occurs, I must use it- in the best possible, positive way- so I grabbed a folder and applied.

Challenge your fears.

During a 6 month period, I built a mental inner space. The room was the dining room at BTH in Karlshamn. In my mental place I sat there and looked out over the sea, I heard the students cooking, I took in the smell of a ‘Billy’s Pan Pizza’ or a ‘Gorbys Pasty’.

Sometimes I could smell a more advanced meal. The breeze from the sea hit me, the voices from people walking on the stairs next to me, or went into the elevator.

I made my senses aware and filled myself with joy and happiness that I was already on the education course. This state of mind was close to my thoughts frequently.

After having been accepted on the intake test I began at SOFE, School of Future Entertainment, Fall of 2004. A whole new world opened up in front of me. A world that I actually didn’t know anything about but I was happy because I had reached a goal and had good classmates, so I felt very secure.

Now you may certainly question the entire “But was it really the visualization, or was it the admission test that decided it?”

Personally, I recognise that there is a mix of both. Although I visualize on something, I have to work towards the goal.

The goal definitely becomes much clearer if you visualize. These two things are linked within you.

There is a whole subculture who live by The Secret. I’m doing it now too. The secret crossed my path just six months ago, recommended by a friend. When I read about it, it was so obvious to me that I have lived with The Secret since day one, when I began to visualize.

Power of Meditation

Briefly and to the point.

Can you create a mental picture of your goals and feel the joy and happiness it gives you as if you’ve already achieved the goals.

At the same time as you work toward your goals, consciously and subconsciously. The power of knowledge is huge, so keep your personal development up to date and educate your self.

When I went on SOFE I began to dream about the future, I examined myself and structured some goals. It was at that point that I began to dream of having a business.

So I applied my methods, both visualization and targeted affirmations as a part of The secret.

In 2007 I became a partner in a production company called Lightbox Events & Production. Note that I never asked for it to be a successful and wealthy business, I wanted to produce. I was more into creativity than making money.

Between 2007 and 2011, I had different positions and I formed a goal that appealed to me. I wanted to travel around the world, working with productions. I visualized a hotel room, where I sat and edited a movie and drank coffee, I put all my senses into that mental picture. The smell of sun protection cream, I could hear the AC and feel how it chilled my body and I heard how the palm trees rustled outside.

Guided Visualization

The Secret.

To date, I have been to and worked in more than 17 countries with all different kinds of video productions.

I am today, as I write this, totally aware that you can get what you create in your mental room as well as what you ask for. Even if it’s happiness or attracting money. Some choose to call it financial freedom.

By the way , Im writing this from my home in Phuket. you see, in 2013 I got a fix idea that I want to see palms every morning when I wake up. Its actually so easy to master the law of attraction once you get a hang over it.

The secret is actually not a secret. Its just a way to think, nothing more.

You may believe that I possess some great power? Hardly! I have chosen to see the benefits that life offers and you can follow me and learn more about how to master law attraction.

You can do it too!
You have only one life so do the best of it! Make the change

Best regards

Thomas Tjäder.