Today is one of those days the sell industri loves. at least the flower industry. But lets stick to what its all about and how you can love yourself!

Its about relationships and because this blog is mostly about the Law of attraction, I will talk about those to subjects and how they are connected.

Attract love, Is everyone ready for it?

The easy answer and also the truth is no. Everyone is not ready to attract love. Thats because not everyone really knows what love is and therefore they attract something else.

Many people haves a desire and also lust. They try to fill a hole in them selfs so they are seeking outside them selfs to find someone and put a person inside. To take something from outside and fill the hole is just a temporary solution. and its like it is. a solution, not a consisting state of mind.

I can make a wild comparison, hope you get it.

A person that feels lonely and have some problem with food, feels satisfied when that person eats a lot. the food is working like a catalyst for the mind.

You fill yourself with one thing and try to expect a solution. that circle can go on and on and is developing a temporary solution to a more permanent damage over time.



There is a stereotypical image of a womanl that feels lonely and eating ice cream.

There you have what I explain more visual. the limit between satisfaction and addiction is seamless so the person in the middle is loosing control over the situation.

Love yourself, some tips.

Lets try to define what love is all about.  Wikipedia says “Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection”

And i can agree. its something you feel, so its basically an emotion. Loneliness is also an emotion and if you try to explain the opposite emotion to loneliness, what is that? well its should be affinity.

For me love is active consideration without any reservation. Do something for your partner without request something back.

You can not love others if you don’t love yourself.this is little tricky. You must focus on yourself and learn to first accept yourself. If you accept yourself, then you will start to like yourself.

You attract the same as you are.

If you are miserable then you only attracts miserable people in your life. If you are happy, then happy people come to your life.

I know loneliness can be very hard. especially inside the person that feels that. so there is the key to make things right. replace that loneliness with love for yourself and then you will attract love.

Yeah it sound easy.

Let me know if you would like me to explain it more in detail.
Now I have to make a awesome breakfast for my girlfriend before she wakes up!