A very detailed Guided imagery script.

I got a request if I can upload the Guided imagery script for my How to attract your dream car session ( opens in a new window) I uploaded few days ago. So here it is!
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Guided imagery script – attract your dream car.

Lay down

And focus on your breathing
Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
In through your nose and out through your mouth
Follow my pace

In through your nose and out through your mouth
Feel how you become calm.
You will get a lot of thoughts. Just let them flow. Allow yourself  to think about anything that comes to mind.
Breath the entire time, slowly inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Soon you will be able to start to build your own mental room.

In that room you will create a vision.
Imagine that you are standing in a big, open and empty parking lot.
The sun is shining and you feel its warmth on your face.
Every once in a while there is a breeze, which feels nice. Inhale and feel the scent of summer, the scent of freedom.

Continue to look straight ahead.
To the left, about ten meters away, is your car. I want you to feel that your car is there.
I want you to take in the feeling that the car that you have been dreaming of, is to the left of you, and it is yours.

I want you to turn towards your car and look at it.
Look at your car, and feel joy that it is yours.
Feel grateful that you have this car and let yourself be filled with joy.

In your hand is the key to your car. Feel that you have the key to your car in your hand.
Play with the key between your fingers, turn it between a couple of fingers and feel the freedom that you have in your hand..

I want you to approach your car.
You will see how you are getting closer to the car. Press the remote to unlock the doors on your car.
You see the blinker flash one time and you hear how the central locking unlocks all four doors.

You are now standing by your car.
Place your hand on the roof and stroke it to feel the structure, the enamel paint on the metal against your hand which is getting a little warm.

Now you will open your door.
Put your hand on the handle and feel how the warmth from the handle is spreading upward.
Open the door and hear the sound of the door opening. Pull the door towards you, and you are now met by the scent of your car.
Look inside the car. Notice the details.

On the passenger seat you see a magazine.
I want you to enter your car now.
When you are seated, I want you to grab your steering wheel and feel if it has the right height and if you have a comfortable grip.

I now want you to check that the pedals are adjusted right. If not take time to adjust them and the position of the seat.
Adjust the rear view mirror so that you can see the back. Also adjust the side mirrors.
I now want you to feel calm, and feel the total happiness of having this car.

I now want you to take the magazine that you have on the passenger seat and put it in the back seat.
When you turn back, you will see what it looks like in the back seat and feel a warmth shining within.

You will now start your car and hear the sound of the engine. You will feel the power when you press the gas pedal.
Inhale the scent of leather and a clean car.

I now want you to put on your seat belt at the same time as you hear the sound of the engine.
Make your car ready to drive by switching gear. Feel how you are filled with expectation, excitement, freedom and joy.

Start to drive slowly. Feel how the steering wheel is working against the asphalt. You are now going to turn right.
Turn the steering wheel to the right and see how the surroundings outside the car are going to the left.

Right beside the parking is a country road, drive out on it, and drive fifty kilometers an hour.
Now turn on your radio. From the speakers you hear your favorite song. Feel how you are swept away by it and how it fills you with freedom.

Feel the freedom as you pass by all the trees, feel how the sun is warming you through the windows and how the steering wheel is responding to all the commands that you are giving your car.

Feel how the brakes are responding when you gently press them. Inhale the scent of the car.
Let this scent be connected to the joy that you right now are experiencing within.

Now I want you to drive back to the parking lot. Park the car where it was parked originally.
Turn off the engine and stay in the car. Let your fingers feel the steering wheel and look around you to see what it looks like.
Let happiness be with you and feel grateful that the car is yours.

Now I want you to step out of the car.
Slowly close the door and hear the sound of the door shut. Lock the car and back away until you see the entire car in front of you.

Hold the key firmly so that you can feel its surface.
Stand there for a while and view your car. Let happiness be with you and feel grateful that the car is yours.

Remember this state of mind that you are experiencing right now, as it is your tool, it is this feeling that you now are feeling so strongly, that will be used as an invisible compass towards your goal.I want you to focus on your inner self here and now.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth for a while and feel how you are feeling.

imagery-script-trigger-points-for-session-The meditation experts

You are now going to program your trigger points, so that every time you trigger them, you will gradually be able to return to this state of mind. A pleasing feeling that fills you with joy, thankfulness and love.

Lay for a while and do the trigger exercise at the same time as you are focusing on your deep breathing.
Feel how all of you becomes light, you become light inside, and you can associate your happiness and joy that you are feeling with this shine.

Hold your trigger and when you are ready, open your eyes.
Remember how you feel at this moment.


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