What is the difference between Guided Imagery Meditation and Guided Visualization?

If you ask me, the short answer is nothing.

Those are only terms of definition of a Guided Mindfulness Meditation. The most interesting thing about both of the terms is that they are the Best Meditation Techniques!

The most significant difference its what area you are using it into. There are relaxation, motivation, healing and what this page is about, attraction.

When I started this page I wanted a name that could link what this is all about, to exploit the mind.

To find my own limitations and to push myself into situations I am more or less unconfutable with such as speaking and writing in English. I´m getting better and better on that and it feels good.

Be playful in your mind.

I like to play mind games with my self, questioning situations and to see what outcome that will come. I’m wise and I like to share my reflections with others.

Everything you read here are my observations and my experiences, but the bottom line is, I’m just a human like everybody else.

I have needs and I have evaluated my needs by asking myself questions.

I am also a dreamer.

I dream big and I am not afraid to fail.

Sometimes I might not know when to give up so I made it easy for myself.

I just never give up.

We only got one life and that life is here and now. I’m embracing the moment, even if its 3 am and I should be sleeping now.

Now you know a little bit more about me so let’s dig in to the subject of the day.

A totally free Guided Mindfulness Meditation.

Have you tried my “Attract your dream car” session?( Opens in a new window)

Give it a try and embrace it’s simplicity.

Although it is a complex process to create such meditation techniques session.

The background music is in 432 hz. This frequency harmonizes better with the vibration of our cells.

All the narrators “breath in / out” are synced so if you follow the initial guidance then you are synced.

The narrator is a professional speaker with extremely wide portfolio.

The script is very detailed and is triggering a wide range of emotional attachments.

The Guided Meditation is also including a “programing mode” where you are learning your body to react on a certain command.

To sum it up, it’s a very good one!

Let’s talk about the 432 hz for a while. This is very interesting and here you may need some open-mindedness.

Everything is connected.

First out. Everything is connected.

In a previous blog I wrote that everything is a loop. The loop is also connected to your life as a part of it.

But when it comes to frequencies everything around you is vibrating.

Some things more and some things less. Think of a atom, there is a lot of space between the molecules. Easy speaking you have the vibration.

Ask your self this philosophical question: What if we humans are cancer inside a body?

And if we someday will have visitors from outer space, they actually are a cure used against us?

Of course there might not be an answer to that and as I pointed out its just a philosophical aspect.

Let’s try another one.
How can a fat lump make us think a though and as a continuation on that depending of what we think, result in an emotion within us?

And further, make us take action based on that emotion?

Are you hungry for knowledge?

This is where we can have advantage of the Best Meditation Techniques.

If you are as me hungry for knowledge then you already know what you actually can achieve by using your brain right.

I don’t say it’s easy but I can say that it becomes easier with time.

And of course If you are practicing it on a regular schedule. Trust on the process by setting your fears aside and just do it.

I have lost ground many times in my life and nowadays I see it with excitement every time its happens. The outcome is always greater than what I had my focus on. Whatever I wish to come into my life.