What is guided imagery? And how you can use it to attract what you want.

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But first let’s point out what it is and how it works.

If you think about it in your head, it can become reality.

If you remember my post about “fake it till you make it“, I explain the terminology behind creating a mindset.

Guided imagery meditation is a very powerful technique where you are following a person talking or a narrator deep into a story. During the story you are activating different senses by tasks you have to imagine you are doing. For example ” Now i want you to step into your car and smell the brand new interior you are surrounding yourself in.”  Those “task” are connecting your thoughts to emotions. Thats the basic concept.  It may seem very simple at a first glance, but its actually a very complex process thats happening inside you. It’s design is to create good feelings that will create motivation. 

Moving your unconscious state to consciousness.

Most of us have sometime in our life wished for something.

For example: I want to have a nice car, but then they stop there.

They are not digging deeper about what kind of car, what brand, how it feels to drive that car and therefore the attraction isn’t big enough to get motivated.

Then maybe a year later the thought comes back. Still very narrow as maybe only a sentence in the head. Maybe this time a longer thought but still not enough to activate the motivation to get the car. Just a narrow thought that disappears as soon as something else comes in the way.

guided-imagery-exercise-training-The meditation experts-

Motivation to take action.

If you have an idea of what you want. Lets stay on the car idea to make things more easy.

Lets play around a little here. You want a new car.

You maybe tell your self: I want a new car during this year. That is a good approach because we have 11 more awesome months to complete this wish and as I have said before a Lamborghini will not appear outside your door tomorrow if you a wishing it today.

Unless you are incredibly rich and can just pick up your phone and dial a seller.

OK but for the rest of us, we have to actively work for it, first in our mind by guided imagery sessions and the rest will follow naturally.

First thing we have to do is listen to our unconscious!

Say to yourself: I want a “(Feel in your own preferences here ) car!”  As soon as you say it to yourself, LISTEN if there are any subtil unconsious voices inside you that are somehow fighting against your wish. Maybe the first thought is ” I can not afford it”, or a questioning thought like “How can I afford it?” Those my friend, you have to eliminate.

Such negative thoughts will stop you. You don’t need them.

And now that you can hear them you can work them away!

By resolving them into a positive approach.

For example the “I can not afford such car”, you may just challenge it by saying to yourself:

I will find a way soon” or ” Not now, but I will find a way”.

Its all about having a clear mind, to Fake it till you make it.

Practice this and you are on your way to the car faster than you think. 

Its all about priorities.

Is your life situation allowing you to focus on a new car right now?

What do you have to set away in order to have time for your mindset exercises?

What is your priorities?

How much do you want this car?

Answer those questions on a piece of paper.

By writing it down, you are converting some abstract thought to plain facts!

Have you heard this before ” The pen is mightier than the sword”?

You will be totally mind-fucked when you get that insight. I promise you that.

All i have achieved in my life is thanks to a pen. Im writing and drawing all of my goals as a first step.  How small or big they may be.

Don’t give up the guided imagery.

This is connected to the priorities. Actually its all connected.

Everything Im writing about on this blog is connected but to stick on this heading  get your priorities right and don’t give up.

Make this session a part of your work to the goal. Do this exercise repeatedly every day if you can.

Make it a part of your routines. Bookmark it. Here is the link to the  video on youtube ( Opens in a separate window). Nobody will look at this for you, you have to do it by yourself. 

Write down on a college block everyday something like: I have a (write your car brand and color of preference).  This is an excellent way to get your mindset correctly.

If you want to get a deeper aspect, read my older post about this subject, you will get so much insights!


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