Every morning, I am having a cup of coffee in my balcony with a stunning view over the town I am living in. The most amazing part of this story is that couple years ago I just got an idea. I wanted to see palms outside my window. At that time I lived in Sweden and there are no palms there. The Palms was actually referred to a warm country. Let me guide you through some goal setting.

As you may have learn about me so far,  I am always going for my inner thoughts and make them real. So I did it even with “my palms.”

Goal setting is the key to success

I visualized myself opening my curtains to the bedroom, open my window and get a tropical breeze over my face. I meditate different scenarios during my morning process about how i wanted it to be. For example like this moment right here. That I am sitting outside in my balcony with a coffee and go through my morning routines.


Does it sound like “to good to be truth?” Well I agree. It does. So lets get more specific and more down to earth about this.

Ask your self what you want.

As i have write before, everything to accomplish is starting with one thought.  So you have to think. And most important, You have to think about what you want. Without to interrupt yourself with the “I can not”. Don’t see the obstacles in your thoughts! Let the world around you to do that.  I have so many people around me that is giving up dreams because they are their own obstacles in their minds. This part have nothing to do with being realistic!

So ask yourself what you like to do. The “how to do it” come later. You have to get this thing right. If you can not see the difference, then you will be stuck in a loop and nothing will happen.

Write down your answers.

The amazing with our brain, is that its very fast. so even if you are thinking of what you want in your mind now, it only takes some distraction and your present though is set away. The consious mind can actually only handle one thought at a time. its the speed of thinking that seems to be ” so many thoughts in my mind”. You have to understand this if you want to have a goal setting. Of course the unconscious process is more or less automated. Like breathing etc.

So you need to use a pen and paper. Or some text editor if you prefer that. My experience is although pen and paper. I have 3 “creative college blocks” spread over my apartment there i write down everything. One close to your bed is to recommend. Its my most valuable college block.

Rank them after importance.

Some goal setting are more easy to achieve than others. For me its more easy to set up a goal like “This season I will visit most of the beaches than previous season” rather than “This year I will visit 5 countries in Asia”.  But if I rank my “5 countries” higher than the beach, then i know I will put more effort on that. Even here. Do not let your thoughts be the obstacle! You really have to understand this.

Start from the goal and work backwards.

This is fun! Its very creative and you will be amazed about how creative you actually are. You have to also understand that this part takes some time and effort. I can at this point write down probably 100 quotes about there is no easy way to get your goals. You have to work it. There is no Aladdin lamp. You may also need to put up some milestones. Those milestones have to be linked to each other and have a purpose.

Lest have some examples.

goal setting

Here I simplify the example and as you can see its just logical thinking. Like go from point A to B. Nothing magical. You just have to do the blueprint. Ok, you maybe think now: ” The beach example is definitely more easy to achieve than a big house with pool etc”. Yes of course it is. and the only difference is how much time you put on the blueprint and your efforts. But let it put it this way. If you don’t start to make your own blueprint for a house right now, you are just delaying the time it will take for you to move in. Thats the biggest obstacle ever.

People don’t take action, they just think faintly about what they are wish for. They don’t make a plan for it. Its your call! My 4 guided visualizations  are  like a wake up call and will boost you to start your inner process. Give it a try! If you are motivated, you won’t regret it.

Now I will wake up my brother who is visiting med from Sweden and we will drive to a new beach. I thinking of Laem Ka Beach