Serenity is piece of mind.

When it comes to such things as serenity, you have to keep in mind that it is something happening inside you. Like feelings. I have redefined the essence of it.

For me, serenity is peace of mind.

That means, if I have a calm in my mind, then I am close to serenity. Its connected. And when I have piece of mind, then I can focus on what I want to achieve. Very easy logic.

The future is serenity´s enemy

So what is the most common thing we are all share when it comes to not have serenity / peace of mind? We are worry to much. And how are we worry?

We think to much.

And what are we thinking off?

Mostly things that we have not control over.

Let me explain such things we don’t have control over.

Many people are worry about money. Especially people that are looking for an alternative income. So they see a guy´s Instagram, with nice cars and “you get pay everyday” etc.

By the way, those “ads” are designed to play with your head and give you dreams.

They are directly answers to your worry / Lack of serenity / lack of piece of mind. And the fact that they are not so creative because they are actually just salesman-opportunities, not a rich lifestyle.

They are definitely nothing you will achieve by just spend “1 hour a day”.

Those people saying that is people that want you in their circle so you have to work more for them.

But of course If you are willing to work hard then you may success.

But I just want to point out, that you have to work hard.

Challenge Your Thoughts

This is one of the most crucial step you have to work with if you want serenity in your life.

It may sound somehow stupid but it’s the most important moment in your life. Now!

Reflect over it, and you maybe find the meaning of it. Your brain is timeless.

You are defining time for your brain. So if you are worry about the future, you are creating a non existent state of mind, and force it to the present.

In other words, Your worry is based on a fiction.

Because if you want to change the future, you have to do something now.

You can always reflect about the future.

Ask your self questions like: How do I want it to be? What should I do now to get (whatever I want) later. That is called planning.

In my business profession, its called Strategy.

If you don’t know where to start here is a post there I cover some techniques about how to change mindset ( opens in a new windows).

Of course you can try all the jumbo mumbo things like, plant a tree, take a walks and go fishing but if you don’t really understand how the “worry about the future” concept is affect you you then you just kind of fooling your self for the moment.

If you want to get deeper on this subject, read my post on this blog. they are all somehow connected and you will find it out while you are reading them.

Many things here in life are results from our behaviors. Change behavior and you will change your life.  It sound easy, but when you get it after some practical exercise ( opens in a new windows) , it will be very easy.