What if I say to you, that you can “lie” for your self to achieve goals. Do you buy that? Ok, let me give you some deeper aspects and some real life examples so you can later on challenge your mindset.

If you have read one of my previous blog, the one that i cover how to change your mindset then you have some ground to stand on while I will explain this part. If you have not read it, please do it and come back here.

This story I will tell you is how to change something in your life. Important to do at the same time is to build up a stronger version of you. To do that you can check out this article about 4 ways you can get a better self confidence.

The story

When I was a little boy I liked to imagine things.  One time I build a computer keyboard with LEGO´s and think i had a small computer like a friend of mine use to have. Like a imagery but semi-live. It was a old mac cube. I can still remember how i imagine the feel of the keystrokes on my fingertips. And I can still sense the smell of my mother cooking in the kitchen.  I guess all of you reading this can easy associate it to your own life with similar experience. Children have an amazing capacity to do this. Who hasn´t build a drum set from boxes boxes, deep pans or whatever was available, and pretending to be maybe someone spotted on tv or somewhere else.

But what happens after that? When we started to grow up? In my case, because i ended up taking to much drugs and also consuming alcohol everyday, I kept those imaginary attributes, but of course in a bad way. They become lies. I become a manipulative person that only see people as object and I was constantly looking what I could gain out of all situations.

That dark period ended 2002, when i got in a recovery program. There i started to change, but i wanted to keep some parts. Specially the Fake it till you make it- concept. I have always been a dreamer and that was a way i protected myself against the misery I was in. I used my imagination and think about the future. I was good at it. Sometimes i told my friends about my future and i got answers like: -Hey wake up from your dreamworld.

What is real or what is becoming real?

Ok, some thoughts was way above realizations. Or were they? Take for example the LEGO Keyboard. I am writing this post on a Macbook pro. To the right of me I have a Mac Pro.  Before I moved to Asia I sold several computers that I didn’t needed anymore. I build 2 PC`s for a friend´s children. People rely on my computer skills and I still get some mails, or messenger notes about guidance.

When I was done with my alcohol and drug treatment I started to study media. During my first year I imagine up a company. “IWS Productions”. It stands for Independence Web Solutions. I also started to design my business cards and a logo. It gone so far that I added my title. “Creative producer”. This imaginary process I kept for myself. But there was something from my treatment that somehow pushed me to continue to think forward. It was at this point I adapt the power of Mindset Affirmations. A very effectual tool that I am using everyday.

Fake it till you make it

The treatment I was into had some affirmations. One of the affirmations I should tell myself was: “Today I will stay clean and sober no matter what happens.” I was suggested to repeat this promise to myself everyday. At the beginning, i saw that just like a manipulation against myself.  I challenged it by thinking: -Why do I have to take a promise every single day and why not just do it for the rest of my life? At first I didn’t understand the concept. But during my stay at the recovery center it become clear. Very clear.

The power of repeatedly say things to yourself have many positive aspects and in different levels. You can call them for affirmations or you can call them for learning, manipulating, lying or however you may choose to categorize them.  The thing with them is that they work!

I guess you have heard about the runner that visualize the track he is going to run. The rally driver that spends some time and “fakes he is driving the track”. The swimmer who is very convinced and focus only in one thing, he is going to win. The business man that going to close a big sale and say to him self in a elevator that he is going to do it. I am sure you have heard about them in different ways. The only one you haven’t heard about is the person that have seen all the series on Netflix.

Practical exercise

If you have take your self the time to read all the way down here, and understand my barely english ( sorry, Im learning thats why Im doing this whole thing), then you deserve what Im going to teach you. First, before we start. Rome wasn’t built in one day.  As long you understand that, we are all good. Secondly, discipline and repeatedly.

  1. Give it time
  2. Take some time
  3. Repeat over time
  4. DO IT

Step 1. Take a notebook. A new one. I you don’t have it, go to the store and purchase one and while you are there see if you an find a good pen.

Step 2. Write down 10 things you like and want to have in your life. Things or experiences.
Give it time, let this part take about 2 hours of your life.

Step 3. Prioritize them, that means rank them from 1 to 10. Take some time on that to. I want you to think! Ask your self!

Step 4. Rewrite from previous step into a new sheet, because I guess its kind messy.

Step 5. Pull out the new fresh page, and put it up close a mirror or somewhere you going to see it everyday. 

Step 6. On a new page in the notebook, write down your choice “number 1”  20 times. 

Step 7. Every day from now one, you will repeatedly write down your choice 1 as many times you can. Put the notebook somewhere you normally sit.  I am writing my choice 1 everyday in a notebook, somedays i write it down 10 times, somedays 1 time. Quality before quantity

Step 8. Say your choice 1 to your self as much as you can! Like a thought.

Step 9. Get a balance on it, so you don’t focus to much at the beginning and later on get sloppy.  Setup rules

Step 10.  Get knowledge about affirmations and visualizations, you can example read my other post´s here, they are covering that.

Last words

If you never have done such things before, I can understand it may sound like “to good to be true” or “How can this work” etc. Even if I would say “trust me, I promise you” you may have some hesitations. Well. Here you have the catch… You have to believe on this process. Thats were the Step 10 kicks in. Do your research. Stay away from people that promise you things like “If you just buy their Products everything will change”