Change your life for a better life.

Everyone in this world have at some point in their life wanted to make some changes.

Big or small changes. Maybe change work, change city or maybe change partnership.

Its rather easy to change your life. Let me give you some things you can actually use easily.

As I mentioned on my blog yesterday, some of us are afraid for changes ( opens in new windows) and actually some of us are to lazy.

Or some of us just waiting for the opportunity by for example spend money on lottery.

I´m not judging any of those approach, I just want you to wake up and get inspired.

I have my own bad experiences in the past.

I was using drugs and alcohol for over ten years.

That was a direct waste of time and possibilities.

It was like I was in a timeless riffle where the world continued to develop, but I wasn´t.

I don’t try to catch up my lost time now because I have learned to not compare myself with others.

If I start compare myself with others that would be a self destructive behavior that will only lead me to feel anxious.

I am creating my own path but fully inspired from the world around me. And if I can change my life Im really sure that you can change your life to!

Today I will give you some inspirational thoughts about how to see more clear about changes and I will also give you some practical ways so you can change your life.

The reason I do that is because changes are actually something good and refreshing. Feel the sense when you move to a new apartment / house.

The feeling is so strong when you are going to bed the first night isn’t it?

Those statements I will write now are part of a universal true that are applicable to everyone no matter where you are in your own path.

And I guess you will find them on hundreds of different sites. I Will attach my personal approach that may be little different and more easy to adapt.

Find the essence of life.

Why are you here? What is your purpose? What is the meaning of your life? You got only one, so how do you want to spend it?

Every one on this planet can achieve miracles. People are doing it every day.

Its not about “some don’t have the right circumstances”. Its about wiling and motivation.

When you find out what you are destined for then you will get something great to fill your life with.

A purpose.

Visualize clearly.

Learn to visualize.

By using guided visualization techniques you are creating a link between your thoughts to reality.

If you are kind of new to this term I can understand that you are see it like some mambo jumbo thing.

Let me give you some real thing then:

Think of you having a vacation. Lets say that you are on a beach sitting under a big umbrella and your feet are outside the protection of it.

Feel how the strong sand is warming your feet. Take a deep breath and feel how calm you feel and the joy you are feeling to be there right on the sand.

Hear how the waves are creating a weak sound in front of you.

Suddenly you smell someone’s sun protection and then you are realizing that you are on a vacation. A calm fills your body.

If you were focused on this above you got a feeling.

That is the first connection and one step closer to the reality part.

As a child you did it all the time remember?

You put yourself in different scenarios. You were a police officer or a fireman etc.

When you got that by practicing its time for your next step.

To collect images of what you want.

Print them out and put them up somewhere that you see them everyday.

I have a pin board with 10 pictures.

Some of them are done and some of them are in a reachable future.

I working towards them in different ways.

Goal setting.

Once again Its important to have goals or you will be stuck on a loop.

Can you see how my 3 first headlines are connected?

Its not in some abstract way im writing this even if I know it can seem like that.

You want something abstract? You have a lump of fat over your eyes that creates your thoughts. 😉

I will not write so much on this important step because I did it on my 3 latest blog posts.

Feel free to read those.

Accept your mistakes.

If you google “regrets quotes” you will see basically the same message. “Don’t regret anything” or “The only thing we regret is that we don’t try.

Can you understand the basics on that?

Its connected to the fundamental of looking in front of you and don’t look back.

For me it helped when I start to see my life as a book.

See every page as a new day.

The past is what is on the previous page and the future is something I will read.

I choose to memorize thing from the past as a knowledge and experiences. It may sound very logical right?

And you maybe think now that I make things little to easy.

Well its not that I simplify the dark moments in my life. Instead I have accept them and move on.

Every dark moment in my life have teach me something.

I have been homeless and sleep in stairwells in the winters. The feeling of sleeping under a stair and the shame if someone will find me made me understand the value for small things and also give me a wide understanding about other people’s feelings.

I don’t walk around and feeling ashamed because I have been homeless.

I feel strong because I am not homeless anymore.

Now I own a big house in Sweden and I also have an apartment in Thailand were I am sitting at right now.

If there is something I will pass on to you its this:
All the things you standing in front of and all the situation you may have there is one thing that can help you past those.


Keep the fucking smile up and make the change.

Even if its hard now there will be sun in your life as long you have an positive attitude.

Don’t be a pessimist!

Its never good to be negative about things. You will just end up bitter. You don’t want that.

Find courage.

Many people are afraid.

They are so afraid that they didn’t know they are afraid.

They are afraid for fear so it controls their life.

But they don’t even know they are afraid so instead they are hiding the emotions into other emotion like worry or apply a lazy behavior to their life.

When you are starting to get something real from the above suggestions. Just do it.

You maybe discover that you want to travel or become something or maybe help others.

Take it into action.

Go against your inner fear or blockade and just do it.

If it helps take small steps in the beginning and reflect.

Suddenly you will discover you are in the middle of something you were afraid of and you will laugh for your self knowing you did it.

It’s an amazing feeling.

Take care of your body and soul.

Those things are of course connected. But can you tell the difference?


Since we are here now and this page are mostly referring to the mental state I suggest that you are reading a lot of books.

There are a lot of online blog you can read and I would like to take the time for thanking you reading this blog.

If you like what you read here, give something back to me by helping me spread the word and share this in your social media.

Books have usually another approach and can get you understand in a wider aspect. Therefore they are little better than blogs. I am thinking to write a book when my English are up to the right level. ( Can you see now that this blog is a milestone to one of my goals?)

Stop drink coca cola and such crap. You can remove rust with it!

Just google it if you don’t believe me. “coca cola, remove rust”

Live now.

This can be a tricky thing to understand and it may need some practice.

Let me ask you a question. How do you feel now! At this specific moment?

Cool you feel xxxx. Great. How did you feel for 1 hour ago? Did you have to think? Good. We are almost there…
How will you feel in 3 hours? Great, you don’t know but you can assume its connected with about how you feel now.

So if you try to feel good / positive now that means there is a good change you will fell the same later? Good.

Learn to feel awesome now because it’s the only thing you are feeling.

Its here and now.

Its doesn’t matter how you felt before or how you will feel in 5 minutes.

Its now that matters. Right at this moment.

And that moment will be history soon so prepare your self to feel good on the next moment by feeling good now.

Yeah, I know that you may have lost me there. But Im not fabricate it. Its you that need to understand it.

Fill your emotions with insights.

Every time you are learning something you are actually growing as a person.

Whatever it is.

Some things are more greater to learn than other things. And if its great things you are learning then you will get insights.

All those insights are giving you self-knowledge.

And self-knowledge its critical for personal development.

For example I really hope that I give you some insights. Some “aha-moments”.

Enrich your emotional life because in the end. We are spiritual beings. And that is another chapter.