Let me tell you how you can change mindset.
If you want to achieve something. how small or big it is. You may need to approach it right.

If we just take a goal. Lets say… A better work.

First thing we have to check is how our thoughts goes around that.

If you notice any kind of mindful resistance.

Like… “I can not get that job” etc. If so, you have to deal change mindset, because your mindset isn’t coupled within you.

One way to find out is if you listen carefully , you may observe such subtle “voices” within you.

They may be diffuse. They are creating a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Its those small thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

It may sound incredible.

All you have to do is to listen to your thoughts and emotions.

How are you reacting if you set up a goal?

Is there some delayed emotions that are not in same line with your motivation?

Or are you lazy and think that you are going to do it tomorrow?

Change mindset now

Well here is one other truth.

You are the one who have to make things happened.

Practice it on regular basis and you will get succeed.

I suggest you make it happened now by take action.

First listen to yourself.

If there are some discord or resistance within you, follow my exercise i give to you on the video here.

It can also be a results of fears, ask yourself if you are feeling fear, maybe you are experiencing fear for changes?

If you discover that, then you should learn to challenge your fears.

As I have mention before.

Nobody will park a car for you outside your home and give you the keys.

Nobody will build you a house and give it to you.

Although here are some ways you can use to accelerate the process.

One good way is to change mindset and after that create your mental images of your goals.

Take a look on the video here. I give you a exercise on it about how you change mindset