Is your fears controlling your life? Then you maybe have to Challenge your fears.

There was a time when I was more or less controlled by fear. I let fear choose what i could do, or accomplish. It was of course unfair to me but the thing is.. I accepted it. So there I was, living my life without any extraordinary content. There was a point when i learned that fear, among many other feelings, is just.. a feeling. That such feelings can not hurt me. The only thing that could be hurtful is all opportunities i lost. So i decided to fight my fears.

I took a decision and added hell of a discipline and fight the fear with courage. For every little step I won, I become more and more master of my life. even in present time, i can hear inside me how fear tries to get a control. Of course I won’t let that ruin my welfare anymore.

Its more obvious now, i know about my fear and I also know how to handle it. And I can tell you that. The green grass is more nice on my side, because I have take care of it. One other way to challenge your fears is to fake it till you make it. If you see it like a tool, then it can make magic for you.