Questions and Answers.

We get many questions, so here we have a FAQ with the most common answers you may seek.

How does the law of attraction work?

This tool enables you to attract wealth! You lie or sit comfortably. We suggest that you lie down because you will be able to breathe much more easily. Then start one of the tracks. A narrator will guide you all the way. The narration and audio is recorded in a professional studio, needless to say- by professionals!

Your breathing is very important and the narrator will guide you through the breathing process and also instruct you as to how to access your trigger points. The ‘trigger points’ is a technique that allows your body to refer to an emotion. To feel an emotion on demand. One method of doing this, is to hold your thumbs. You will experience a strong, positive feeling after each session and become closer to attracting wealth. Depending on how receptive you are, you will adapt quickly, or after a few sessions. Be open minded and welcome the change.

Attracting wealth with the law of attraction – Does it really work?

Yes it DOES work! You can attract wealth by using our sessions.

Everything begins with a thought. Try it out- by thinking about a sunny beach and your last vacation for a few minutes and reflect on the special feeling it creates within you. The more frequently you do the sessions , the stronger your thoughts will become and as a result of that, the stronger your feelings. It is this feeling that will be a driving force towards your goal. But I have to be clear about one thing. Don’t expect that you do a session and all of a sudden , as if rubbing a magic lamp, a genie will appear with your Ferrari standing outside the door. This is not fiction! I want to be sure you know that sometimes it’s quicker and sometimes it takes a little while. Having a positive attitude accelerates the process – and it’s fun to be positive! This guided visualization sessions helps you lift unconscious thoughts, to consciousness. It’s important that you’re entirely committed when you want to achieve your goals.

What do I get when I buy the guided visualization tracks?

You get instant access to download 4 audio files  in high bit-rate mp3-format. To use on your favorite playback device:

Your dream car.

Your dream house.

Financial abundance.

Your dream job.

The audio tracks are produced in 432 Hz. That is 8 Hz below a standard “a” / 440 Hz. Studies have shown that the frequency of the body attracts 432 vibrations better.

The most amazing part is, that when you learn to understand how it works and begin to attract wealth, by using our audio tracks, you can use them precisely according to your own preferences. The possibilities ahead of you are unlimited!

Is this somehow dangerous?

Absolutely not! When you get the hang of it, its a very positive experience. Our trials, during the development process, with people suffering from depression, showed that they changed. Their feelings became positive and effervescent.

How do I pay and what is Stripe?

We have choose to use STRIPE as our gateway payment because its easy to use and even great stability and security.

None of the information you fill in is handled by us and the buy function is one of the smoothest we have ever experience.

You can read more about stripe on their homepage.