Interactions and attitude. Those 2 things here in live that have so much power if we can understand them.

Interactions with our self or with others. When it comes to our own interactions, there are some things to make aware. If it´s interactions between our mind and our emotions, those can be little tricky. Many people don’t understand the deep connection between thoughts and emotions. Even less to understand how to control them and that is getting us forward to todays subject.


When you wake up in the morning, what are you feeling? And how is your thoughts then? You see, this is very individual and maybe personal? Because at the moment we wake up, we are very vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore if the first thoughts we get is all the “must-do” for the day, then we become overwhelmed and that lead us to only one thing. Stress.

And the wheel of destructive behavior just started. We maybe don’t rush up from the bed in anxiety and don’t know what to grip on at first, but even if we are stil in the bed, we have already prepared our brain and emotion for an “attack”. We put our body into “protect-mode”. One of our most primitive state of mind that we have inherited from the time we lived in caves.

The fascinating about this is how fast it happens. It take seconds only and we have settled up all approach for the day. I guess you have maybe heard about terms like ” take control” or ” You are in charge” or ” its all about attitude” or even ” think positive and control your day”.  Well all of those statements are true and we should see them as our goals. But in reality we have to first get aware of how we react and act every morning when we open our eyes.

If you want to make some changes into your life, maybe because you are recognizing yourself with what i explained. Then the first step is to become aware about how your routines are in the morning.  We can start that by observation. Observe how you think and were are those thought getting you emotionally. Then when we got that knowledge we can act. I told it before and it fits to say again..

If you don’t know about the problem, there is no problem.

Well, that is almost correct, because if you are not aware why things happens inside you, you will stil get some emotional outcome. Believe me when i say this. Sometimes the outcome is very unnecessary, and you can actually get in control and make your every morning positive.

After couple days of listening, you will have the picture settled up. How you act? Are you stressing every morning? What is your first thoughts? How are they connected to the reality? Do you thing way to many “must-do” thoughts then necessary? When you got those answers then you can interpret.

Change your attitude.

One important thing to have clear is that you can only have one active thought in your mind and usually the thought that comes to you every morning have not a relation to time. All thoughts are timeless until you give them a sense of time.  So if you thinking for example that you have to clean your home. Then you will see all steps almost in the same time, but one after one even if it feels they are mostly attacking your brain. This processing goes very fast so the emotions don’t catch up and everything you feel will become a stressful emotion. It feel like everything comes to you at the same time. A very stressful state of mind.

Well here is a reality thought. The thoughts don’t come at the same time. Instead what you can do is to stick to one of the thoughts. Think it through. For example clean the dishes. Instead of allow your brain to go further from the dishes to clean the floor you can halt the thinking-process by continue to “clean the dishes”. This will give your emotions time to process. Give it around 5-10 seconds and move on to the next thought,  cleaning the floor. Stay there 5-10 seconds and move on. Its all about to practice it.

You are visualizing.

Try this process and you will automatically become a better person, you will achieve a ability to plan your days better and also you will get a more positive feeling in the mornings. If you do as i suggest, it will take you around one week to achieve some change. This is one way to get a better life. Now you know more in-depth how to get it, so I round up with one thing. Do it!