One other amazing thing about life is that live is not always on the top and then its a good reminder about your attitude.

I wake up and got the flu have bloomed out totally.

Actually I had a sense of it yesterday but this morning its so painfully everywhere.

There will not be any big adventures today. Rather sit in front some series and take it easy.

I like to watch series from time to time. But then I literally see many episodes in one sit.

Then I can get the great picture from the directors.

I have some TV’s but I always use them On demand.

And I never watch the news.

Sometimes I just go for some news websites and scroll between “You are useless, try this to feel better”- crap commercials and messages.

Everything have turns to click bait these days.

Attitude is one of the keys to success.

Even If I feel I could die, I keep my mood up.

Its about attitude.

So let’s talk about Attitude.

What is attitude for you? How do you define good or bad attitude? We have the famous expression “Is the glass half empty or half full?

And how can we put personal valuation into that?

Responsibility about our lives. Well one think we can try to do is to always have the glass full.

Fake it till you make it.

To try and achieve something especially when we are on “learning mode” can be a journey that could surprise us.

What can be very handy is to as the headline say fake it til you make it.  I still remember how I designed my business cards for a fiction company called IWS, Independent Web Solutions.

I Visualize how I had meetings with clients and how I worked on my company.

Feel the goals with all your sense.

When it comes to create goals its very important to see the goal and to see the way.

Be in the way. Feel how it is when practicing your goals.

That is the “fake it” part. You can read a more dedicated post about how to use the fake it concept ( opens in a new window).

Many people don’t feel comfortable when the word fake appears as a part on this process.

Its such a negative word.

So negative that people are afraid to use it because there is an attitude that we not want to be fake programmed in our brains.

Nobody wants to be the black sheep.

But its not about lying to someone or pretend to be something we are not.  When I designed IWS in my mindset, I didn’t scream it out and presented me like “boss of IWS”.

I only used it for clarify my goals and visions to make a greater attraction and change your life today.

Mimic more!

Another thing that people have got very wrong is to mimic.

Nobody wants to mimic someone else although we are doing it all our wake time in different conscious states.

Haven’t you sometime while you had a chat with someone, suddenly done a gesture or say something that you know someone else is doing?

And direct you are thinking oh my god I can not do that, because X is doing it / saying it?

But in the same time you are totally commit do wear some clothes you see another person wears?

We are ashamed to mimic but we doing it all the time.

I want you to mimic some of my thoughts! I encourage you to do that! That is why I am writing all this.

I want you to get inspired and feel the freedom I feel.

My purpose is to give back what I have received. Its how this works, If you don’t understand the Give and receive terminology let me know and I can dedicate a post about that.

Its your life, your choice.

When you wake up in the morning it is your choice how you want to confront your day.

For many years when I was in the “fake it till you make it” process about my internal health I told myself: Welcome Thomas to this amazing day full with unexpected possibilities”

And that’s actually how my days are!

Right now I’m waiting for my girlfriend to make lunch. When we are going to eat we will talk about what to do today.

My brother is here from Sweden so I will listen to what he wants to do and I will arrange it for him.

Ok, today was maybe a bad example because I have the flu and as I told you,

Its Dexter Season 2 for me. But you got the picture.

Now the food is ready, so I go back to bed.