Standard Terms and Conditions.



Every sale gives the Affiliate 30% of the current price. The affiliate covers the Paypal transferring rate. See https://www.paypal.com for current charge status.

1.1 Payment Models

Mindexploit will make payments to all affiliates under one of two payment models:

a) Standard Model (Default)

Paid On Results undertakes to make payments to affiliates on this payment model 1 week after the end of the month in which they have made a sale.

b) Payment On Request

Once an affiliate has been paid by Mindexploit twice, they move on to this payment model. Affiliates on this payment model may request payment at any time for all validated sales made to the date at which you request payment. Once a request for payment has been made Mindexploit undertakes to process a payment within five days.


Any account that has had no activity (clicks, sales etc.) for a period of 6 calendar months will be deemed to be abandoned and Mindexploit will apply a variable account closing charge up to the maximum of £25. The charge will never be greater than the balance in the account.

Affiliates will receive payment for any action that is payable.

Affiliate payments will only be made when funds are in place from the Customer.